Rome, Italy

October 15, 2017

Hello everyone,

I did finish writing this post back in September with the intention to publish it then... but it got delayed with all the events I had irl so apologies!

This Summer, I went on holiday to Europe, not too far and too close. And I absolutely loved the travelling vibe and atmosphere I got from it! My family, and another close family friends of ours, went to Italy for the first time, for a week from August 2nd-9th.


University Things

January 04, 2017

It certainly has been a while!

As you know, the time I've been away, not blogging, has been spent starting my university life/studies and spending time with friends and family. I haven't been extremely busy but every time I try to sit down and start a blog post, ideas of what to write doesn't come to mind or I haven't had an opportunity that I find worthy enough to write about!

The first term of university has flown by so fast and now Christmas break is nearly over. The first day at university seems like so long ago, I can't believe it. And soon enough, I'll be entering my second year. Wow. And 2017 is now upon us... it sure has been quick.

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